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Layout 1Community First is a government fund which is targeted at supporting voluntary groups in certain electoral wards across the country.

You can read about the Fund by clicking here.

In Brierley Hill seven members of the public have come together to form the Community First Brierley Hill Panel. As a first step the panel came up with some aims for Brierley Hill:

  1. To support improvements to the environment in the Brierley Hill area.
  2. To support activities which enrich the lives of those most in need, in particular young people, the elderly and those with special needs.
  3. To add value to the work of local individuals and qualifying organsizations by supportinga ctivities which:
    • Complement existing works
    • Plug gaps in the work already being undertaken in the community
    • Improve communications
    • Encourage participation in community activites
  4. To support events which raise aspirations, inspire learning and celebrate our town and its heritage

*** Update***  At its March 2014 meeting the panel considered its priorities for 2014-2015, the last year of funding for Community First.  It agreed:

It was felt that activities that left a longer term impact (such as the sustainability of a group, or equipment, or building repairs) should receive the highest priorities so that the Community First funding left some kind of legacy. It was felt that events which could not demonstrate this to the panels satisfaction should be considered for funding only towards the end of the year when it was clear how much funding was left.

Please note this when submitting your application.

***Further update*** CDF have now indicated that all applications must be submitted by the end of December 2014.  This means applications will have to be submitted to the Brierley Hill panel by 11th November, a week prior to its final meeting of 2014 on 18th November.

If you or your organisation has a project which meets these aims then click her to apply for funding.

Click her for the latest news on Community First Brierley Hill or scroll down below:


Important deadline for Community First funding applications in Brierley Hill – cut off date November 11th 2014

News has been received this morning from the Community Development Foundation regarding the time-table for the final year of Community First funding. This is set out in the table below, with the implications being that all applications must be received by 11th November 2014 so they can be circulated for the panel’s last meeting of 2014 scheduled for November 18th.

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Nine Locks Senior Citizens Club and St Paul’s Neighbourhood Learning Centre win grant support

At its March meeting of the Community First panel Nine Locks Senior Citizens Social Group and St Paul’s Neighbourhood Learning Centre were recommended for grants of £957.50 and £2,250 respectively. Looking to its last year of funding the panel also agreed to prioritise projects which help to make organisations more sustainable. Read the minutes here.

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Community First Brierley Hill – panel meeting Tuesday 7pm – all welcome

Community First Brierley Hill is a cabinet office sponsored grant scheme covering Brierley Hill ward. The next meeting of the panel to consider grant applications is taking place on Tuesday 18th March at 7pm at St Michael’s Church, Bell Street South, Brierley Hill. All residents and stakeholders are welcome to attend.

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Brierley Hill needs its bloomers

An appeal is going out for residents, community groups, schools and business to support their town by becoming ‘bloomers’ and adopting one or more of the planters which will be brightening up Brierley Hill this summer.

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Community First Brierley Hill – meeting Wednesday 15 January, 7pm, St Michael’s Church

You are cordially invited to the next meeting of the Community First Brierley Hill panel which will commence at 7pm on Wednesday 15th January at St Michael’s Church, Brierley Hill. The panel aims to encourage participation from members of our community and all are welcome to attend its meetings.

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Minutes of the Community First Brierley Hill panel meeting on 19th November

On November 19th the Community First Brierley Hill panel met in public to consider grant applications from six organisations. Recommendations were made to fund five of these with grants totalling £4,370. This blog posting contains the minutes of the meeting.

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Age UK recommended for £750 towards Christmas celebration in Brierley Hill

Age UK Dudley has been recommended for a £750 Community First grant after expressing concerns about older people in Brierley Hill, feeling lonely and missing family and loved ones who have passed away, during the Christmas period.

The grant will help to contribute towards organising a Christmas Party.

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Community First Brierley Hill backs £750 for What? Centre advice for young people

Stourbridge’s prestigious What? Centre has been recommended for a £750 Community First grand to extend its work with unemployed young people to Brierley Hill. The grant will contribute towards the cost of running one on one counselling session from Brierley Hill library.

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New Community Radio to kick off in Brierley Hill following Community First grant

Plans for a new, internet based Community Radio station in Brierley Hill are on track following the recommendation of a £850 grant from the town’s Community First panel.

Owned and operated by local people from the Brierley hill area, volunteer roles at BHCR provide students and trainees with a chance to learn professional-level skills in all areas of media production. They can learn to make documentaries or mix live music. They can find out how the record industry works with radio stations and can develop interview skills, design their own cd cover, learn how the process of uploading their music online with mp3 tabs and covers included.

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Tiny Tots toddlers group recommended for £820 by Community First Brierley Hill

The Tiny Tots parent/carer and baby/toddler group which meets at Albion Street Church, Brierley Hill has been recommended by Brierley Hill’s Community First panel for a grant of £820 towards its activities. Free of charge for the past 4 years during term time, the group has successfully provided a safe, enriching environment for young children and their care givers. Positive relationships have been formed within the community and attendance has grown with consistent members and newcomers joining regularly. The grant will help to enhance the provision, structured sessions of music time were offered weekly last term which had a very positive impact on the children and the numbers of people attending.

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