Protecting and Improving – the conservation plan for Brierley Hill High Street

The designation of Brierley Hill High Street as a conservation area will help to maintain the best of its buildings and provide a framework for the much needed improvements in the area – supporting the development of a special Brierley Hill sense of place as the regeneration of the area progresses – said Pete Boland, Principle Conservation Officer at Dudley Council in addressing the town’s new Civic Society.

Mr Boland showed slides illustrating the characterisation research which had taken place prior to designating the area as a conservation area. These revealed a surprising number of high quality, attractive buildings which gave an insight into the historic development of the area and gave Brierley Hill a character of its own.


The distinctive quality buildings will be afforded extra protection as a conservation area and plans will be taken forward to improve the environment in the High Street, integrate new development appropriately to maintain the distinctiveness of the town – by for example using local materials for construction- and will be underpinned by the use of planning controls.

An action plan has been produced and a grant application has been made to the Regional Development Agency for funding to commence the environmental improvements.




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