Retail Roadshow (1) – advice for traders

Business Link West Midlands hosted a ‘retail road show’ for Brierley Hill traders at the Waterfront on 4th November.  Building on feedback from workshops held across the region a set of ‘tips’ were given to help independent retailers improve their performance.  Here they are…

Retail Road Show

Workshop Action Points – summarised from other locations

1.  Footfall

  • Ensure products and services are second to none.
  • Anticipate and plan seasonal events / promotions, then shout about them.
  • Use a loyalty card to encourage and reward more custom/ spend – to both new and present customer base.
  • Promote at external events – fashion shows / wedding fayres / trade fairs, etc.
  • Incentivise and reward customer recommendations to new customers.
  • Ensure website is up to date – give reasons to visit regularly.
  • Have and promote your own website – reflects accurately your shop/products.
  • Use an “A” board outside shop.
  • Joint marketing with other non competing shops.
  • Shop based research on who your customers are/what they need/what they like about your shop.
  • Send out press releases – newsworthy stories only – local press.

2.  Good Use of Shop Space

  • Ensure products are available to customers to touch / feel/ see / taste etc.
  • Change layout to encourage more customer movement around the shop.
  • Good use of window space / displays, make passing customer stop, look and come into shop.
  • Consider (appropriate) background music.
  • Set out promotions and offers around the shop.
  • Good graphics – shop’s USP’s/ key product info.
  • Strong displays and good merchandising inside shop.
  • In-store activity – tastings etc.
  • Consider disabled access – in / around the shop.
  • Well lit and high presentation standards.
  • Shout about your good prices.
  • Use of graphics to endorse key shop points.

3.  Develop Use of Shop Staff / Team

  • Ensure staff work in a good environment.
  • Keep staff up to date with regular team meetings.
  • Develop product knowledge consistently.
  • Empower staff to train others –but oversee results.
  • Consider ongoing incentives – not always cash.
  • Get them to understand the shopper’s needs.
  • Develop staff local knowledge – town.
  • Staff appraisals – to assess training / development opportunities.
  • Show you care about them.
  • Good staff training – internal / external.
  • Consider social events to develop team work.
  • Say “Thanks” when it’s appropriate.

4.  Using IT in Your Business

  • Research and consider Epos / computer stock management.
  • Use email/text to communicate with customers.
  • Collect and progress shop productivity statistics.
  • Use Google maps (free) on own websites / promotional info.
  • Set up own website and promote it.
  • Set up and use a customer database – info/events/offers.
  • Use database in own loyalty scheme.
  • Look into selling online.
  • Computerise accounts / bookkeeping.
  • Use PC to produce own in store graphics.
  • Review website for group / town outlets.

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