Walk, Trot, Canter: The Trail

The Trail:

The trail forms a loop around Brierley Hill.  Start at Moor Centre car park.

Seagers Lane

High Street

Mill Street

Canal walkway

Level Street

High Street

Moor Street

Bell Street

End: Moor Centre car park

Ponies will be sited along this walking trail at varying locations – will you be able to spot them all?

Any businesses, organisations, or individuals along the trail route wishing to display a pony at their premises can express interest by contacting me, Claire Starmer-Jones on 01384 813943. 

Maps of the trail will be available to buy when the project goes live in summer.

I will be out and about in Brierley Hill with John Lindsey from DMBC’s environmental services assessing suitable plots over the next few weeks.  The sculptures located on pavements will be screwed onto paving slabs for the duration of the project and all slabs will be replaced once the sculptures are removed. John Lindsey’s team will be inspecting the ponies at regular intervals over the live project period to notify me of any damage or vandalism to the sculptures.

Once the ponies go out on the streets, you can keep me updated on their condition too, through these blog pages or calling me on the number above.

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