Brendan Hawthorne, poet at Civic Society – Arts Space – 21st Feb 5.30pm


Brendan Hawthorne – a Black Country poet – will facilitate a workshop for Civic Society members and others (visitors welcome) on Monday 21st February at 5.30pm. There is a change to our normal venue and we will meet at ARTS SPACE, MILL STREET, BRIERLEY HILL .

We are exceedingly lucky in that Suzanne Carter from English Heritage has laid on the special event for us as part of its ‘Brierley Hillness’ project.

Brendan Hawthorne – a Black Country poet – will facilitate a workshop.

The workshop will involve working with the group to look at what is special and distinctive about BH – what are the buildings, spaces and places that make BH the town that it is. The end product may be a collective poem, short piece of writing or just a brain storming session culminating in lots of ideas and words.

Brendan  has asked that members do a tiny bit of preparation to get the session started and bring with them one of the following to share with the group:

  • A photo of a place in Brierley Hill that is special
  • A newspaper cutting about something which sums up the town
  • A photo of themselves standing outside their favourite building or place in Brierley Hill
  • A memory or story (max 2 mins) about what makes Brierley Hill special or unique
  • A description of the town (max 2 mins) using visual images, colours, smells and sounds

Or finish the sentence. “Brierley Hillness is…”

Hopefully this will be a terrific event and really enjoyable.

Please pass on the invitation to anyone you think may be interested.

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