Brierley Hill Arts Group Adopts Constitution

Brierley Hill Arts Culture and Heritage Group, a coming together of individuals and organisations interested in promoting the arts in Brierley Hill as part of the regeneration of the town, have adopted a  new constitution and elected officers.

Members of the group include representatives Dudley Performing Arts, Dudley Community partnership, Dudley Council, Brierley Hill Civic Society, English Heritage, Home Start, Stourbridge College and the National Youth Theatre, with others welcome to join and participate.
Elected officers of the group are: Tim Sunter (chair), Claire Starme-Jones (vice-chair) and Doug Taylor (Secretary).
The group objectives will be:
a)    to be a champion for the promotion of arts, culture and heritage activity in Brierley Hill;
b)   to ensure that provision is made for the such activities within the planned regeneration of Brierley Hill;
c)    to gather and exchange information on arts, culture and heritage issues in Brierley Hill;
d)   to share expertise of members;
e)    to focus on turning strategies into action;
f)     to promote the rich multicultural nature of the Brierley Hill area;
g)    to provide an independent vehicle for the delivery of arts culture and heritage projects in Brierley Hill.
h)   Such other objectives as may from time to time be determined by the management committee or the membership
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