Brierley Hill in Bloom – still looking gorgeous as council offers back up help in watering

Brierley Hill in Bloom

There’s been some fantastic help from traders and members of the Community with Brierley Hill in Bloom – keeping an eye on the plants and helping to water them. This week there was more good news from Dudley Council.

As a back up Dudley Council will now be watering the plants three days a week using its Green Care Scarab Road Sweeper first thing in the morning.

With our ‘bloomers’ continuing to water and backup from the council this is a weight off our minds and will ensure the plants continue to grow across the summer even when people are away on holiday.

There have been a few incidents of plants being thrown into the street – particularly after the England games (makes me think: what’s the collective noun for people who toss plants into the street?). These have been replaced though – thanks to those who picked them up and put them back and to Shane for paying for some ‘infill’ plants. We’ve been in touch with the police to talk to them about how we can work together to improve security.

We’ve always acknowledged that there will inevitably be some vandalism. The thing is not to let that stop us doing things.

Many thanks to the council for its support – authentic “Community Council” stuff!

Despite all the dire predictions Brierley Hill in Bloom is still looking gorgeous!

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