Flames of Bengal – is this new Indian restaurant the best in Brierley Hill?

The new Flames of Bengal restaurant in Brierley Hill. Behind the frontage is a clean and well laid out restaurant

A new restaurant Flames of Bengal opened in Brierley Hill on 12th August. It is located at the south end of the High Street near to the Catholic Church and occupying the former premises of “Dine”. They advertised an opening offer of four courses for £6.95, so I thought I would give it a try

Not a good start – the offer that wasn’t

First things first. When I called in (27th August) and requested the special offer I was told that it was no longer available. Both their website and their advertising clearly stated that this would be available until 31st August. This wasn’t a good start.

Being a grumpy old soul I thought I’d go find somewhere else to eat, but as a turned to leave I was told that the offer would be available after all.

So I gave it a chance.

Pleased I stayed – professional service

I was pleased that I stayed. The decor of the restaurant was modern, clean and well laid out. The waiters were very helpful and professional.

When two people arrived to order take away food they were offered a cup of coffee whilst they waited.

The only down side was that, clearly working on very tight profit margins, I did feel that they were pushing options to spend more a little too much – “would you like a coffee?”…”…a sweet with that?…””…drink sir?”

Good food

The menu was offered a very good selection of Bengal food, and surprisingly Chinese and Thai too.

For an appetiser I had a Tandoori mix Kebab, and for the main course North Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken with Chicken Tikka Nan.

The food was hot (in heat terms), the meat tender and was very tasty. I enjoyed eating it, and the wait between courses was just right – enough time for the food to settle, but not too long.


Drink is available, but diners are able to bring their own if they so wish.

Overall impression – good

I took advantage of a special offer and for that money the restaurant was very good value. Even without the offer the prices were very good.

The restaurant was clean and well laid out.

The service was good and the food delicious. I would certainly visit again.

As well as eating in, the Flames of Bengal offers take away food, and home delivery.

Contact details

For Bookings & Order Call:
01384 482 444

44 High Street (Opposite Mecca Bingo)
Brierley Hill

Best Indian restaurant in Brierley Hill?

Is this the best Indian restaurant in Brierley Hill? Do you know somewhere better?

Let me know in the comments box below.


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