Layout 1Community First Brierley Hill has the following aims:

  1. To support improvements to the environment in the Brierley Hill area.
  2. To support activities which enrich the lives of those most in need, in particular young people, the elderly and those with special needs.
  3. To add value to the work of local individuals and qualifying organsizations by supportinga ctivities which:
    • Complement existing works
    • Plug gaps in the work already being undertaken in the community
    • Improve communications
    • Encourage participation in community activites
  4. To support events which raise aspirations, inspire learning and celebrate our town and its heritage

In addition to this the panel considered which applications it would give priority to for 2014-2015.  It agreed:

It was felt that activities that left a longer term impact (such as the sustainability of a group, or equipment, or building repairs) should receive the highest priorities so that the Community First funding left some kind of legacy. It was felt that events which could not demonstrate this to the panels satisfaction should be considered for funding only towards the end of the year when it was clear how much funding was left.


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