Community First Plan

As part of the Community First programme the Brierley Hill panel has an obligation to produce a community first plan.

Brierley Hill has been seen many surveys over recent years arising from the controversies surrounding the Merry Hill Centre, the designation of the town as a strategic centre within Dudley borough and the formulation of an Area Action Plan for the area.

Consultation has been at the heart of formulating solutions for the area, and there are many active community groups who have engaged in defining the vision and regeneration plans for the area.

The panel have been keen to avoid duplication of effort and particularly sensitive to the risk consultation fatigue amongst the local community.

The steps taken in creating this plan have therefore been:

1. A review of priorities of local community groups which resulted in the identification of the initial priorities for the Community First panel.  The review was conducted at a joint meeting of the panel and Brierley Hill Community Forum (a coming together of organisations active in the Brierley Hill area)

2. A desktop study of a selection of plans and previous consultations covering the Brierley Hill area.

3. A review of physical and community assets in the Brierley Hill area

4. A ‘Pot Luck’ dinner for members to the Brierley Hill Community Forum followed up by internet based survey of community activists.


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