Focus for funding

Improving physical assets (community buildings) and utilising spaces more.  In addition to Community First “..we should lobby the council and landowners to address the worst areas”. (11%).

Capacity building – linking training to education, building esteem and involving people in the local community including ‘…an event to inform groups that are not engaged that funding is available” (16%)

Economic help – “Any measures that help overcome joblessness (attitudes and skills); social ills such as addictions, low aspiration amongst the young and a sense of helplessness…” and “…a credit union…” (11%)

Measures to improve the environment –  tackling litter, tidying up Brierley Hill, improvements to Fens Pool and other green areas (16%)

Events – “…a festival idea that could engage local schools, community’s organisations or individuals and also encourage participation and visitors from surrounding as and farther afield” and “…fun day at the local park where all can be inclusive” (11%)




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