Suggested improvements


Communication (16%) “More community events”; “…working together to celebrate difference and heritage/more participation…”; “…communication is a key point that could do with improving…”; “…liaison…”
Environment (28%) “Place looks a tip, bad rubbish even though the council has people litter picking all the time”;  “…develop the green spaces…improve the canals and increase activities…”;  “The appearance of the High Street in Brierley Hill needs to be maintained, some of the premises above the shops are in decline. The purpose built containers for plants and flowers (Moor Centre and outside old bowling alley) need to be maintained, especially when plants have died. Empty and boarded up premises (old health centre, Albion St) do not attract people to the area.”; “…As with most high streets some more effort and care needs to be given to maintain what we have here and to slowly make it better. There is a fast turn over of some small businesses and too much in the way of fast food outlets. The large planter in front of the bowling alley gets planted every year with withering perennials. larger one off better quality landscaping would be much better. The owners of the Moor Centre should be encouraged to sort out thier planters and the space underneath their sign etc. there should be more going on at the Civic Hall”; “The look and feel of the town centre….”; “…Shop fronts need smartening up…”; “The place needs tidying up – litter, weeds, dirt etc”…
Events (8%) “Recreational and constructive activities for young people.  Opportunities for the lonely, especially the elderly and/or infirm. Access to support for the vulnerable.”; “Organisation of sports tournaments, availability of buildings and equipment – particularly table tennis.”
Facilities (28%) Sports facilities, Pensnett Campus Sports Facilities, Youth Clubs, Using Bromley Methodist Church and a Credit Union were specific facilities mention.


Implementation of the regeneration strategy for the town to unify the High Street and Merry Hill areas was mentioned whilst Brockmoor Primary was offered as a venue on Tuesday evenings for youth grups.

Heritage (8%) Celebrating the heritage of the town
High Street (36%) Issues identified were:

– Drinkers on the High Street

– Appearance of the town

– Links needed to Merry Hill and ‘fill in the gaps’

– Too many fast food outlets

– The need for more greenery/flowers/planters

– Dangerous pavements need attending to

– Short term parking provision

People (20%) ‘Aspirations’, and ‘support and encouragement for more to volunteer to lead new and existing groups – an encouragement for more people to take a responsibility so that groups will continue to thrive as existing leaders become until to continue (mainly due to health) – ways of improving confidence so that there is a feeling of being able to do”.  We need to find new ways to counter ‘apathy’.


One respondent highlighted the need to work with the unemployed: “…when they have no time no money.  When they have money no time.”


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