Bats, Kingfishers and Watervoles get their own regeneration plan!

GreenHairstreakC1Bats, Kingfishers, Watervoles and other special species will get their own regeneration proposals with the new Brierley Hill Area Action Plan to be published by Dudley Council on 30th November.

Speaking at a meeting of Brierley Hill Civic Society Nicki Dale, principle planning officer with Dudley Council, described the surprising number special species of wildlife which have been identified in the area.  These include bats, black redstarts, dingy skippers, great crested newts with little legs, green hairstreaks, kingfishers and watervoles.

Black-redstart-arm-0904Regeneration proposals for the area anticipate £1.5 billion of investment over the next 17 years and will see over 3000 new homes being built, new large scale officedevelopments, new education, health and leisure facilities  and 65,000 square metres of retail development at Merry Hill – making Brierley Hill one of the top 20 regenerations schemes nationwide.

The scale of the plans make it important to protect and enhance wildlife in the area and to recognise the importance of a green environment to enhance the quality of life of residents in the area.

Nicki said.

“The strategy aims to preserve important areas, seek mitigation for any damage and deliver enhancements to create an overall positive balance”

dingy skipperThree local areas – Fens Pool, the Delph Locks and Saltwells Wood – have already been recognised at national and international level as sites of special interest and provided with protection.

The new plan for Brierley Hill will seek to link these three areas with wildlife corridors running along the canal, beside local streets and railways and through developments.  Attention will be given to providing appropriate plant life along the routes to encourage the special species to flourish.

Developers will be required to contribute towards the provision of the site through contributions or by incorporating the plans into their developments.

Members of the Civic Society welcomed the proposals outlined by Nicki and thanked her for her inspiring presentation.

Nicki’s presentation can be found to download on the Brierley Hill Blog website,  The draft area action plan will be published on 30th November and members of the public will have the chance to comment until 15th January 2010.

Proposed Brierley Hill Wildlife Corridors
Proposed Brierley Hill Wildlife Corridors

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