Moor Street Glass Centre visit – photographs

PB164327The Civic Society visited Moor Street Glass Centre on Monday 16th November.  The building was opened in 1904 and funded by Andrew Carnegie.  For many years it provided the town with its library, technical institue and glass museum.

The future of the building is now uncertain.  Dudley College no longer needs to use the building as is looking at disposal of its asset to fund improvements to its estate elsewhere. 

Following its visit the Civic Society felt that it would rather see the building used than left to stand and deteriorate and would like a future use to preserve the strong internal features – it therefore resolved to write to Dudley College to ask them to take this into account in its future plans.

The building is in the new Brierley Hill Conservation area and the Society will also be asking its local councillors to adopt a watching brief on proposals that come forward for the future use of the building.

Photographs of the interior can be viewed using this link:

2 comments on “Moor Street Glass Centre visit – photographs

  1. Hi, If this building is becoming available are there any rooms that would be suitable for to set up a recording studio? I am looking for a unit in the local area at the end of 2010. I am on a tight budget though. If this place is not suitable, if anybody can point me towards anywhere that would be It would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. The building has a sign outside to say its for let as individual rooms.
    Good to see the building been used again.

    i also heard from the owners that some of the brass plaques have been stolen. Such a shame.

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