311 and 313 bus route news

The 311 and 313 bus routes have been taken off at Brierley Hill due to the large road works at Burnt Tree Island.  This meant that the timetable for these routes was being significantly disrupted.  The 246 has stepped up its frequency to carry passengers between Stourbridge, Brierley Hill and Dudley in a bid to maintain reliability.  Those wishing to travel further can then change to the 311/313 at Dudley bus station.  Bus operators get financially penalised should bus services be early or late, so this is a significant issue for the bus operator.

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  1. The 313 goes from Dudley, to Russells Hall Hospital, on to Brierley Hill via Stourbridge Road, then down to the bottom of Brettell Lane before turning left through the Fish, Amblecote and onto the Ring Road in Stourbridge. From Stourbridge the reverse order applies.

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