May opening for Brierley Hill health and social care centre

John Coyne, Dudley LIFT CEO

Brierley Hill’s new health and social care centre is still on track to open in May.

 The new building on Venture Way Brierley Hill is nearing completion despite the recent bad weather having hampered operations by construction company Carillion.

 Chief Executive of Dudley Infracare Lift, John Coyne, told the most recent meeting of Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership:

 “Inevitably the snow  over recent weeks has meant some of the work on the site is delayed.  However I am confident that any lost time will be made up and the health centre will be opening on time in May.”

 The new £27 million award winning health and social care centre is the biggest of its kind in the country and will provide integrated services for three GP practices consisting of 10 GPs serving 14,000 patients, three dental surgeries, audiology, chiropody and leg ulcer services together with providing a new home for local council social services staff.

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