Pictures of One Boy, One Town, One Big City at the Civic Hall on 18 February

What an amazing afternoon. Brierley Hall Civic Hall was alive with the sound of Brierley Hillness!
110 dancers from four local schools joined Buzz Youth Theatre in a one-off spectacular which traced the story of a Brierley Hill family from the 1930s to present day; changes in the family mirrored by the changing landscape of Brierley Hill and iconic buildings past and present.

Dudley Performing Arts worked with children from Belle Vue Primary School, Blanford Mere Primary School, Quarry Bank Primary School and Withymoor Primary School as part of the Brierley Hillness project being run until the end of April.
Audience feedback included:
“Very positive and encouraging to see the enthusiasm of Brierley Hill children and how they have embraced the heritage of Brierley Hill and made it their own”.
“Fantastic. It is ALL my daughter has talked about for weeks – she has learnt a great deal too”
For those of you who missed it, the ‘film version’ of One Boy, One Town, One Big Idea! is coming to the small screen in Artspace, Mill Street on 7th April. Spaces are limited so please reserve a seat by email: or by telephone: 07866 404885.

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