Community First Brierley Hill priorities

Bids for community first match funding have to show how they meet local priorities.

At the Community First Panel meeting on 13th March the following priorities were agreed as a starting point for Community First Brierley Hill.  The panel hoped that the reflected the need of local residents and were flexible enough to enable community groups to innovate:

1. To support improvements to the environment in the Brierley Hill area.

2. To support activities which enrich the lives of those most in need, in particular young people, the elderly and those with special needs.

3. To add value to the work of local individuals and qualifying organizations by supporting activities which:

  • complement existing works
  • plug gaps in the work already being undertaken in the community
  • improve communications
  • encourage participation in community activities

4. To support events and visits which raise aspirations, inspire learning and celebrate our town and its heritage.

Details of how to submit a bid are on the Community First website:

If you have any questions then please contact us on

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