£362,000 bid to improve walking and cycling in Brierley Hill meets success!

In case you don't know what a cyclist looks like

A £362,000 bid to the governments Local Sustainable Transport fund aimed at improving and encouraging walking and cycling in Brierley Hill has been successfully submitted by Dudley Council.  A working party including Dudley Council, Dudley Primary Care Trust, Sustrans (the cycling organisation), Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership and Living Sreets has been set up to engage local views.  A copy of the bid can be viewed below.

A website is being prepared under the strap line ‘I Get Around’.  Marketing materials highlighting walking and cycling opportunities is being prepared for distribution to businesses, schools and community groups.

Feasibility work on new and improved walking & cycling routes connecting the surrounding residential catchment areas to Brierley Hill Centre is underway. Work is planned to commence next financial year.  Locations for new cycle parking in Brierley Hill are also being looked at.

The team will be attending events during the coming year to encourage further cycling.

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