Brierley Hill firm Mason Metals provide free recycling service

Residents in Dudley borough can benefit from a free of charge white goods collection service.

The service is offered by Brierley Hill based Mason Metals, who collect items such as cookers, washing machines and dishwashers from homes across the borough for recycling.

Items that are unsuitable for reuse or recycling can be collected through Dudley Council’s bulky waste collection service, which has seen a recent reduction in charges. The collection charge for small items has now been reduced to £15, medium sized items are now £25 and large items are £40.

Recycling and waste can also be taken to the council’s household waste and recycling centre in Stourbridge at no cost.

Councillor Tracy Wood, cabinet member for environment and culture, said:

“Dudley Council is committed to a clean and greener borough and we work with a number of local business and charities to promote reuse and recycling initiatives such as the one operated by Mason Metals.

“We also offer a fantastic bulky waste collection service at very reasonable rates and I would encourage anyone considering a spring clean to contact us for more information.”

Owner of Mason Metals Andrew Jones said:

“Dudley Council wants to encourage residents to recycle as much of their waste as possible and we’re delighted that they recognise the work that we do.

“As our service is free of charge and collects from households, it is a safe and convenient way for people who live in the borough to recycle more for Dudley.“

To enquire about the Mason Metals service call the company direct on 01384 79841.

For more information on recycling and waste in Dudley including the bulky waste service visit or call Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345.

via DMBC – 24 – Collection service is all white.

Brierley Hill, Brockmoor and Pensnett Community Forum meeting 26th June 2013

Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership to reform?

Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership
Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership

Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership is set to reform to drive forward regeneration in the town centre.

The partnership, made up of local stakeholders – those who can make a difference in the town centre, had its last meeting over twelve months ago.  Few attended – a sure sign that things are not well.

One of the criticisms of partnership members was that the local authority was bypassing it on important issues – such as the declaration of an Enterprise Zone at the Waterfront and the implementation of a £10 million bus scheme for Merry Hill and no consultation on the ‘Portas’ proposals to support efforts to revive the town centre.

There is also a widespread feeling that the local authority is focusing on Dudley Town Centre (which definitely does need support) at the expense of other towns in need of help too.  Brierley Hill has been largely left to its own devices.

With resources tightly stretched surely there is a need to work more closely together – to benefit from a common approach to local issues.

Discussions with the council have indicated that this is increasingly being recognised by members and officers alike.  Hopefully a meeting will be called before the end of June to map a way forward.

£362,000 bid to improve walking and cycling in Brierley Hill meets success!

In case you don't know what a cyclist looks like

A £362,000 bid to the governments Local Sustainable Transport fund aimed at improving and encouraging walking and cycling in Brierley Hill has been successfully submitted by Dudley Council.  A working party including Dudley Council, Dudley Primary Care Trust, Sustrans (the cycling organisation), Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership and Living Sreets has been set up to engage local views.  A copy of the bid can be viewed below.

A website is being prepared under the strap line ‘I Get Around’.  Marketing materials highlighting walking and cycling opportunities is being prepared for distribution to businesses, schools and community groups.

Feasibility work on new and improved walking & cycling routes connecting the surrounding residential catchment areas to Brierley Hill Centre is underway. Work is planned to commence next financial year.  Locations for new cycle parking in Brierley Hill are also being looked at.

The team will be attending events during the coming year to encourage further cycling.

£10 million Brierley Hill bus improvement scheme…new bus lanes coming on the Boulevard and to Pedmore Road

The March meeting of Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership heard of the £5 million funding bid towards a £10 million scheme deliver a step-change in bus user experience at Merry Hill Bus Station and on the wider Brierley Hill bus network.

The government has now announced that they have approved the bid as covered in the Express and Star (merry-hill-bus-station-to-get-10m-overhaul/).

It will address congestion that causes unreliability by focusing on pinch points. The key elements of the proposal are:

  • Brand new state of the art bus station, with 25% increase in capacity, full DDA compliance and high quality passenger information and facilities
  • Significant highway measures to remove delays and increase reliability for buses in the Brierley Hill area, including a dedicated bus only link and two bus lanes with bus gates.  The work will include establish bus only lanes on the Boulevard and opening a bus only link from Merry Hill bus station to the Pedmore Road.
  • Segregation of buses from general traffic without loss of highway capacity
  • New bus stop infrastructure and RTI at key locations along strategic routes
  • New commercial multi-operator Smartcard (e-purse and bus)
  • Bespoke marketing and communications campaign
  • Workwise support to help 1,090 people into employment
  • £2.2.m investment in brand new euro 5 buses
  • On Vehicle Displays (Talking Buses) on strategic routes

The bid can be read below:

Brierley Hill Bus Network Transformation BBA Bid Submission

Area Committee: Increased Parking Monitoring on High Street?

In responding to concerns raised in relation to Brierley Hill High Street being obstructed due to loading and unloading, the Area Liaison Officer confirmed that the Council’s Parking Enforcement Officers would be instructed to investigate the above.

ResponseAlthough legitimate loading and unloading is permitted, the Parking Enforcement Manager has been made aware of the problems and will monitor the position accordingly. Any unauthorised parking will be dealt with accordingly.


Area Committee: New bus stop on Brierley Hill High Street?

A member of the public requested that consideration be given to the provision of a bus stop within Brierley Hill High Street for those commuters leaving the Brierley Hill High Street The Area Liaison Officer indicated that he would discuss the issue with Centro and respond direct to the questioner.


As referenced previously in Minute 41b, any decision regarding the location and frequency of bus services rests entirely with Centro. However, local Ward Councillors and Council Officers have recently met on site with a representative from Centro who has agreed to support the introduction of an additional bus stop in High Street.


Area Committee: Litter bins in Brierley Hill High Street

A member of the public raised concerns with over spilling litterbins in Brierley Hill High Street. The Head of Street and Green Care would respond direct to the questioner.


The Street Cleansing service operates a number of different teams across the Borough with a range of different services including the emptying of litter bins. The service operates seven days a week, during this time a total of 776 litter bins and 495 dog bins are emptied. Due to the quantity, it is not possible to empty litter bins before 6am as requested by the member of public and as such, emptying take place throughout the day. However, the Team Manager for Street Cleansing has been asked to monitor standards of cleanliness in the High Street and to carry out any remedial works as considered necessary.