Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership to reform?

Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership
Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership

Brierley Hill Town Centre Partnership is set to reform to drive forward regeneration in the town centre.

The partnership, made up of local stakeholders – those who can make a difference in the town centre, had its last meeting over twelve months ago.  Few attended – a sure sign that things are not well.

One of the criticisms of partnership members was that the local authority was bypassing it on important issues – such as the declaration of an Enterprise Zone at the Waterfront and the implementation of a £10 million bus scheme for Merry Hill and no consultation on the ‘Portas’ proposals to support efforts to revive the town centre.

There is also a widespread feeling that the local authority is focusing on Dudley Town Centre (which definitely does need support) at the expense of other towns in need of help too.  Brierley Hill has been largely left to its own devices.

With resources tightly stretched surely there is a need to work more closely together – to benefit from a common approach to local issues.

Discussions with the council have indicated that this is increasingly being recognised by members and officers alike.  Hopefully a meeting will be called before the end of June to map a way forward.

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