Say no to the waste site – Public Meeting Wednesday 26th February, 7pm, Insight House, Brierley Hill


A public meeting has been called to rally opposition to the Clean Power waste site proposed for Brierley Hill.  Residents and objectors have been invited to attend the meeting which will take place at Insight House, Pearson Street, Brierley Hill on Wednesday 26th February.  The meeting will start at 7pm.

Residents and councillors have come together to form the SNOW (Say No tO the Waste site) campaign and to discuss tactics in the light of the Clean Power appeal after the original application was turned down last August.

Campaign posters have been produced, a twitter account (@BrierleyHillSNO) web site ( and Facebook page have been established, and posters are being produced to demonstrate the strength of local feeling against the proposal.  A proposal which would bring food waste to within 20 metres of the nearest homes.

Speaking at a meeting of Brierley Hill Civic Society on Monday evening (17th February) leading spokesman Tim Lee said:

“We are hoping for as much support as possible.  The planning inspector will consider all of the planning issues.  We have great concerns about the proximity of the proposal to local homes as well as the prospect of hundreds of heavy vehicles visiting the site each week.”

Ward councillor Rachel Harris agreed at the meeting and stressed how the area had already suffered from the RDF ‘waste  mountain’ which is still the subject of ongoing legal proceedings.

Posters have been produced for local residents.

The Civic Society unanimously agreed to support the campaign and to lend its weight to any representations which are made.

For further information contact:

  • Tim Lee 01384 936 652 or
  • Cllr Rachel Harris 01902 490 139 or
  • Cllr Zafar Islam 07712 189 797

Alternatively email the campaign on


One comment on “Say no to the waste site – Public Meeting Wednesday 26th February, 7pm, Insight House, Brierley Hill

  1. my wife joan spoke to tim lee? today 21/2/2014 and we both say NO to this propsed waste site
    thank you
    w e roberts

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