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Say No to Waste (SNOW) campaign continues as new  hazardous waste threat emerges
Say No to Waste (SNOW) campaign continues as new hazardous waste threat emerges

Although they have withdrawn from the Planning Inquiry it appears that Clean Power have not given up their attempt to develop a waste disposal site on Moor Street but are now trying a different route. The permit request covers hazardous waste which is very worrying as it may have  implications beyond the previous planning application (see notification below). Apologies if you are already on the EA circulation list.

The core SNOW* campaign committee is meeting this week to consider how we can continue to fight this.

Best wishes

Rachel Harris

Please accept my apologies – there was an error in my last email. The
application is to process hazardous waste – not non hazardous waste. Please
see revised email below.
Dear Cllr Harris

You may be aware that we have received an application for an environmental
permit to operate an Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) to incinerate* and
process hazardous waste at a site on Moor Street, Brierley Hill, in the West
Midlands. The application has been made by Clean Power (UK) Ltd.

The consultation will open on Friday 23 May 2014 and close on Monday 30

You can view the application for free by visiting the below offices: 

The Environment Agency                  
Sentinel House
9 Wellington Crescent
Fradley Park
WS13 8RR

Tel: 03708 506 506
Opening times: 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council 
Ground Floor Reception
4 Ednam Road
West Midlands 

Opening times: 8.45am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday

If you wish to view the application at the Environment Agency’s Lichfield
office please call ahead to avoid disappointment. You can also request a CD
by calling into one of the above offices or by calling the public register
co-ordinator on 01543 404971. CDs are subject to availability.

All responses will be reviewed in detail. They will help us to decide
whether to grant the permit and, if we do, what conditions we would need to
impose to adequately protect the environment and human health.

Comments on the environmental permit application can be made via the
following routes:

Permitting Support Centre (EP Team)
Environment Agency
Quadrant 2
99 Parkway Avenue
Parkway Business Park
S9 4WF

Email: psc@environment-agency.gov.uk   

Further information about the Clean Power (UK) Ltd proposal is also
available on our website at

Clean Power (UK) Ltd will need to obtain planning permission from Dudley
Metropolitan Borough Council before this plant can be built. The planning
process determines whether the development is an acceptable use of land and
considers a broad range of matters such as visual impact, need for the
development, traffic and access – all of which does not form part of our
decision-making process.

Yours sincerely 

David Hudson
Environment Manager
Midlands – Central Area

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