Preparations for Christmas Lights

Although it seems a long way off preparations are in hand for the Christmas lights in Brierley Hill High Street.

Previous years have seen problems with the lights being extinguished as mains leads were polled out.  Now four new mains points are being installed to prevent a repetition of the trouble.  Christmas lights suppliers have also visited the area to draw up an action plan to improve the display this year.  Many of the lights are to be refurbished and  a bid for funding for new festoon lighting is being drawn up.

2 thoughts on “Preparations for Christmas Lights”

  1. Could they possibly get someone different this year to switch on the lights, as opposed to a children’s TV character? In the past 3 years, Noddy, Spongebob Squarepants and Peppa Pig have all made appearances. That’s fine for the under 5’s but what about catering for older children, teenagers and adults? Although Porky does a great job (bless him!), the town drawed in much bigger crowds when the thunder crew from Beacon Radio were a part of it. The Moor Centre, unlike Fountain Square in Merry Hill, has a nice open space which makes it ideal for families to visit as well as the feeling of being able to breathe.

  2. Amanda – thanks for your positive suggestions. I have made the organisers at Dudley Council aware of them and hopefully they will respond positively to your ideas.

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