N-Dubz visit Merry Hill

Popular hip hop trio N-Dubz, made up of Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer stopped off at Waterstones in Merry Hill in May.

Hundreds of fans queued for hours to get their book‘Against All Odds – From Street Life to Chart Life’ signed by their idols.

Kelly Reed, Marketing Manager at Merry Hill, said: “We knew it was going to be a big turnout because they are so popular, but even we were taken aback by the crowds. We’ve had some big names at Merry Hill over the years, but N-Dubz seemed to be as popular as anyone else we have seen recently. “It’s great they took the time out to meet fans and there were a lot of happy faces coming away from Waterstones.”

Photo credit: Neighbours News

2 comments on “N-Dubz visit Merry Hill

  1. We never knew they were there and hop they go to merry hill agian as i live near and they aree my idols of a dream life time and would love to meet them to make her dream come truee Ndubzz are the best … Naaanaaa Niiiiii <3

  2. WOW! Dappy is sooo fiiiit 🙂
    it waaas a real pleasuree too meeet theeem!
    theeeey madee mee cry! :L
    wouuuld loveee too meet theeem agaaain! i havee everrythin ov therees,
    theee adidaas haat daappy weaars i haaave got it!! NOMNOMNOM!

    NaaaNaaaNiiii <3 xxxxxxxxx

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