Round Oak Reminiscence Date

Wann: Di 5. Apr. 2011

Wo: Arts Space, Mill Street, Brierley Hill

Status des Termins: bestätigt

Terminbeschreibung: Did you work at Round Oak Steel Works?

Have you got stories you want to pass on to future generations?

We are recording people’s memories about working at Round Oak to inspire a piece of public art and other creative projects, and to keep for posterity in the Archives.

Please pre-book.
Contact Steve on 01902 894958 or

What, Where and When

102.5 The Bridge Radio

Bridge Radio is following the pony trail! DJ Mark Williams will be keeping you up to date on progress of the project, including an on-air interview with me, Claire Starmer-Jones, on Friday 4th December at 3pm and Friday 23rd April at 1pm.


Stourbridge News

Stourbridge News is following the pony trail! Chief reporter, Bev Holder will be keping readers up to date on project progress throughout spring and summer.


Schools adopt a pony: Easter 2010

All schools taking part in the project will receive their pony around Easter. They will have the whole summer term to bring the sculpture to life. Schools taking part and artists working with the school include:

Blowers Green Primary School – Denise Stanton artist

Brierley Hill Primary – Alison Barton artist

Brook Primary School – School’s own artist

Cotwall End Primary – Nicci Barnes artist

Dudley Wood Primary – Anne Guest artist

Foxyards Primary – Natalie Gore artist

MASKA Pony by Hillcrest
MASKA Pony by Hillcrest

Jessons Primary – Denise Stanton artist

Milking Bank Primary – Ilona Bryan artist

Netherbrook Primary – Anne Guest artist

Netherton C of E Primary – Teresa Crawford – Docherty artist

Northfield Road Primary – Anne Crawford-Docherty artist

Peters Hill Primary – Fliss Quick artist

Woodside Primary – Gemma Hadley artist

Withymore Primary – Tanya Scott artist

The Mere PRU – Natalie Gore artist

Woodsetton Special – Rachel Griffiths artist

Bishop Milner Secondary – School’s own artist

Pony and artist at Netherton C of E Primary School
Pony and artist at Netherton C of E

High Arcal Secondary – School’s own artist

Hillcrest Secondary

Kingswinford Secondary – Hannah Kershaw artist

Pensnett High School – Fay Wales artist

Peters Hill Secondary – Justine Chamberlain artist

Oldswinford Hospital School Secondary – Tim Nash artist (2 ponies)

Redhill High School – working with Oldswinford Hospital School

Summerhill Secondary – School’s own artist

Thorns Secondary – John Chiverton artist

Mere's pony with artist and pupil
Pony at The Mere PRU

Wordsley Secondary – Tony While artist

Glasshouse College – Keith Brocklehurst artist

Stourbridge College – Rachel Griffiths artist

Pony 30: Dudley Performing Arts’ touring pony

Dudley Performing Arts’ has adopted ‘Gerald’ the pony to tour around the borough to raise awareness of the project in libraries, museums, galleries, tourist information offices etc. Keep an eye out for him in and around Dudley prior to the launch in July.


Pony trail launch: 2nd, 3rd & 4th July at Himley Hall & Park

The launch will take place at Dudley Performing Arts’ summer festival on 2nd, 3rd and 4th July 2010 at Himley Hall & Park. Come and see the paddock with all ponies on display. The Friends of Dudley Performing Arts will be looking after the ponies in their paddock and making sure they are comfortable during their 3 day visit to Himley. dpa festival poster 10

For details of the festival visit:


Pony Trail: July, August and September 2010 in and around Brierley Hill

The trail routes have been established and take you on a tour of Brierley Hill, starting and ending at Moor Street car park. Routes of differing walking abilities will be identified and ponies positioned along them. Can you find your pony?

Moor Street car park – START

Seagers Lane

High Street

Mill Street

Venture Way

Embankment – Merry Hill

Level Street

High Street

Moor Street

Bell Street

Moor Street car park – END


Pony auction: October 4th 2010 at Copthorne Hotel 7pm

Want to buy one of the sculptures? You can at the pony auction next October. Prices will start at £600 reserve. For expressions of interest for a pony please contact Claire Starmer-Jones on 01384 813943.


Walk, Trot, Canter: The Trail

The Trail:

The trail forms a loop around Brierley Hill.  Start at Moor Centre car park.

Seagers Lane

High Street

Mill Street

Canal walkway

Level Street

High Street

Moor Street

Bell Street

End: Moor Centre car park

Ponies will be sited along this walking trail at varying locations – will you be able to spot them all?

Any businesses, organisations, or individuals along the trail route wishing to display a pony at their premises can express interest by contacting me, Claire Starmer-Jones on 01384 813943. 

Maps of the trail will be available to buy when the project goes live in summer.

I will be out and about in Brierley Hill with John Lindsey from DMBC’s environmental services assessing suitable plots over the next few weeks.  The sculptures located on pavements will be screwed onto paving slabs for the duration of the project and all slabs will be replaced once the sculptures are removed. John Lindsey’s team will be inspecting the ponies at regular intervals over the live project period to notify me of any damage or vandalism to the sculptures.

Once the ponies go out on the streets, you can keep me updated on their condition too, through these blog pages or calling me on the number above.

My Pony designs

Be involved in the pony trail by printing off the blank pony sketch and designing your own pony. Drawings will go on display at Netherton Arts Centre during summer 2010 to complement the pony trail.

Send completed drawings to:

Claire Starmer-Jones

Netherton Arts Centre

Northfield Road




Pony sketch – RD


Brierley Hill pony Sculptor: Pamina Stewart

Congratulations to Pamina Stewart who has been commissioned to design and make the Brierley Hill pony. 

From concept to completion, follow our pony progress below:

Making the pony frame
Building the pony frame
Next stage in making the model
Stage 2 in creating our pony

Pamina’s model


Pony manufacturer: GRP Building Products Ltd

GRP have been busy creating moulds of Pamina’s original pony sculpture and turning them into replicas at a rate of one a day. Each blank pony is then delivered to a school to begin its colourful transformation.

Pony Trail Sponsors and Supporters

View the pony sculpture ‘blanks’ here: pony white pdf

Word about the Pony Trail is cantering at pace around the borough and schools, organisations, businesses and individuals have been signing up to be part of the Dudley Sculpture Trail.

Main supporters for this event are:






  • Arts Council West Midlands


Many thanks to those organisations enabling the project to take place.


Potential sponsors

Each pony costs £500 in sponsorship to bring it to life.  Many schools would like to be involved in this project but are unable to raise the funds to sponsor a pony. If you are an organisation, business or individual wishing to take part in the sculpture trail and would like to sponsor a pony on behalf of a school then please contact Claire Starmer-Jones on 01384 813943. All sponsorship needs to be in by the end of February 2010. If you are late to the project but would like to sponsor a pony, please call Claire.


Sponsorship forms

Sorry, but we are out of ponies to sponsor! Thanks to everyone who has sponsored one of the Brierley Hill ponies.

Netherton Regeneration Group sponsor Hillcrest School
Netherton Regeneration Group sponsor Hillcrest School