Round Oak Reminiscence Date

Wann: Di 5. Apr. 2011

Wo: Arts Space, Mill Street, Brierley Hill

Status des Termins: bestätigt

Terminbeschreibung: Did you work at Round Oak Steel Works?

Have you got stories you want to pass on to future generations?

We are recording people’s memories about working at Round Oak to inspire a piece of public art and other creative projects, and to keep for posterity in the Archives.

Please pre-book.
Contact Steve on 01902 894958 or

Take part in National Youth Theatres 2010 Brierley Hill Performance: Ghost Office

This year’s summer community project is taking place from the 26th July-15th August 2010. We are looking to work with 30 local young people to create a site-specific piece in an empty office on the Waterfront in Merry Hill. If you would like to be in the cast and commit to the three weeks, drop me an email at

Click here for the participants form

Brierley Hill book launch success

A new book containing photographs and historical information was launched at Brierley Hill Methodist Church on Friday 2nd July by its author Ned Williams.

Ned talked to a packed house on local history enthusiasts of his work with Mount Pleasant Local History Group to document and gather photographs of the history of the town.

In fact the task has proved too large for a single volume and the work has had to be split into two parts. The first part, ‘Brierley Hill – Brockmoor, Bromley and Pensnett’ was being published now and a second volume covering the rest of the area is to be published later.

The launch was accompanied by a slide show which triggered many happy memories for the audience with a picture of the old Pensnett Forum cinema being greeted with a sudden mass murmur of recognition. Who would imagine it, Pensnett with its own cinema!

On a sadder note Ned commented that he had included a picture of Pensnett School, due to close in the next few weeks, as it will soon be part of the history of the area.

Perhaps the most surprising element of the talk was the fact that the missionary who converted Tonga to christianity, John Thomas, is buried in the church yard at the methodist church where the event was being held.

Guest of honour at the event was Stan Hill was has himself published a number of excellent books on Brierley Hill, and the master of ceremonies was Kevin Gripton of Brierley Hill Methodist Church and Brierley Hill Community Forum who had the honour of receiving the first official copy of the book.

Creatives Network 25/09: Arts Council Funding Advice

Angela Swan, the West Midlands Based Partnerships Officer, Regeneration for Arts Council England talked about how to go about applying for Arts Council funding, incorporating lots of ideas, hints and tips into her presentation. Angela Swan Presentation (ppt, 4.5mb). Alan Gill, Regional Organiser for the National Youth Theatre gave an verbal presentation on the NYT’s recent experience in winning at £100,000 Arts Council Grant.  Alan will be happy to share his experiences with anyone contemplating an Arts Council bid.

Creatives Network 25/09: Town Centre Funding Available

The government has announced a grant of £52,000 to Dudley Council to try and open up empty premises in High Streets.  Rupert Dugdale’s presentation covered the background and context of the initiative and, although early days, set out Dudley’s approach to the scheme and asked for suggestions and comments on how the funding could be best utilised. Rupert Dugdale Presentation (ppt, 81mb)

Creatives Nework 25/09: Business Link Opportunities

Business Link’s Sector Development Director for Creative Cultural and Digital enterprises, Lara Ratnaraja set out her role – advising and linking creative industries to regional and national strategies.  A range of potential business opportunities, events and very useful contacts were given during her presentation. Lara Ratnaraja Presentation (ppt, 4.6mb)

Creatives Network 25/09: Cultural Strategy Consultation

Duncan Lowndes is coordinating the revision of Dudley Borough’s Cultural Strategy.  This is a key strategic document which will help determine where organisations choose to direct their resources.  Duncan commented that the existing strategy is very council centric and he hoped that the revised document will be much more inclusive and include sections on the role of creativity in the local economy. Duncan Lowndes Presentation (ppt, 126k)

Creatives Network 25/09: Pamela Smith – growing business

Pamela Smith runs her own business, Sited and is a horticulturist who creates walks, pamphlets, talks and promotes community engagement through observation of nature in the urban environment.  She has been granted lottery funds through the University of Birmingham to develop a walk in the Brierley Hill area.  In her presentation Pam talked about her work and gave her practical tips for anyone setting up their own creative enterprise. Pamela Smith Presentation (PPT, 29mb)