Brierley Hill needs its bloomers

The map showing where the 26 planters will be located in the High Street. The colour theme will be red and yellow to reflect the town’s coat of arms.

An appeal is going out for residents, community groups, schools and business to support their town by becoming ‘bloomers’  and adopting one or more of the planters which will be brightening up Brierley Hill this summer.

The Brierley Hill in Bloom project has won support from the the High Street Traders Association and the government’s Community First initiative to purchase planters to be placed on the roadside barriers radiating out from Five Ways.

Other partners have offered their support – including Birmingham Metropolitan College, Brierley Hill Market, The Civic Society, Dudley MBC, Dudley CCG and Insight House – and a plan has been put together to deliver the scheme.

Students on the College’s horticultural course are already growing the plants. 26 planters are on order as part of phase one of the scheme and it is hoped that the first displays will be up in time for St George’s Day on 26th April.

But now organisers are looking to extend community involvement by asking for help in maintaining the plants when they are in.

Chair of Brierley Hill Civic Society, Tim Sunter said:

“The initial partnership approach to the scheme has been really heartening.  Building on the success of the Brierley Hill Christmas Festival there is a real will to support our town.  What we need now is support from businesses, individuals, schools…anyone who wants to make a difference. We want them to become our ‘bloomers’ people willing to adopt one or more planters to make sure that they are properly watered and looked after.  It would also be terrific if we could identify bloomers who want to grow some plants to contribute to our next display this autumn.”

For anyone who would like to get involved then please email and further information can then be provided.

Minutes of 15th July 2013 Civic Society Meeting – see what was discussed and what was decided

Brierley Hill Civic Society
Brierley Hill Civic Society

Brierley Hill Civic society met on Monday, 15th July.

The key speaker, funding by the Community First programme was Terry Church who gave a cracking talk on “1942 – a vintage year”.

The society also heard updates and local issues.  You can read the minutes here: Continue reading Minutes of 15th July 2013 Civic Society Meeting – see what was discussed and what was decided